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4 thermos cups made of oak, and nickel silver.

The cups comes in a  box made of oak with laser engraved "woodcarving".


The 4 cups have laser- engraved motives inspired by the woodcarving on the famous "Hylestadportalen" from a stave church in Setesdal, Norway dated back to 1175.

The motives tells the story about Sigurd and his stepfather Regin the blacksmith. Together they make an incredible sharp and strong  sword, named Gram.


The dragon Fåvne is watching over a gold treasure.. Sigurd uses the sword Gram to kill the dragon. From this event he gets the name Sigurd Fåvnesbane.

Sigurd and Regin wants to eat the heart of the dragon. Sigurd gets some dragonblod in his mouth and can suddenly understand the birds singing. They warn him that Regin wants to betray him and take the gold.